My July Bullet Journal Spread!

I've been using a bullet journal since about the middle of May. It took some experimenting, but I finally figured what I liked, and what I wanted. Every month, I lay out my goals, and write down who's birthdays are that month, and what events are happening. July is no exception to that rule. But … Continue reading My July Bullet Journal Spread!


How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

Shop Girl Anonymous

Why Should I Share Blogs If I Do Not Blog?

Because, simply, we blog for you.   If you enjoy a blog, please share it.  Our pay comes from your views, wether that be pay in cash or just through satisfaction of exposure.  If you share it, the blog will grow, and the greater growth the more likely your favorite blog will still be around years from today.  Consider it like a tip you would leave a great waitress, or an extra item onto a sale of a great sales person…except free.

Why Should I Share Blogs If I am a Blogger?

Blogging without a community is like breathing without air, and to achieve a community you have to make an impact on the blogs you love.   Sharing blogs effectively communicates your love and appreciation for a blog, which then slowly gains you a dedicated following.

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The easiest…

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Craftowne Cottage

So…. I haven’t done any drawing in quite some and while perusing Etsy I came across a painting that inspired me to do a little bit of drawing.  It’s rough but I thought it turned out A-OK.

Growing up I always carried a pencil and sketch book.  If a sketch book wasn’t available it was paper.  My mummum (this is how she spelled it) said “Tish, schools out and here you are carrying paper and pencil with you everywhere,” which was true…LOL.

Right before I got married there was an incident with my portfolio, and unfortunately, I had to toss the whole thing in the trash because I couldn’t save any of it; I lost half my heart that day.

When my daughter, nieces, and nephews were little I use to draw for them all the time.  I moved onto crafting and drawing got put to the wayside.  My daughter…

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