Bonding with Nancy Drew


Everybody bonds with their parents in a different way. Some paint together, some go fishing, others go hunting. How my dad and I bond is kind of unorthodox. We play Nancy Drew games. Yes, the Nancy Drew CD-Roms of her mysteries.

By today’s standards, this is old fashioned. Who plays CD computer games anymore? Want the Sims? Skip GameStop and go right to the Origin site and download it. You want the Nancy Drew games nowadays, get a digital download. Not a lot of games, except maybe those for kids, come on CDs anymore.

But if I buy anymore Nancy Drews, I’ll buy the physical copy. Just for old time’s sake.

My dad and I have been doing this for quality time as long as I can remember. As a kid, my parents always wanted me to play learning games. I don’t remember getting my first Nancy Drew games. My parents got them for me. It was the first five, I think they came in a big pack.

The first one was Secrets Can Kill, it still brings back a lot of memories. It’s the very first game in the series. It was faux 3D backgrounds, similar to how they are now. But the people were 2D animated.  At the time, I thought it was so cool. Looking at it now, it looks kind of silly. But it’s nostalgic.

But since the original only works on Windows 95 and Windows 98 (this goes to show how old those games are), they rebooted it! I haven’t gotten a chance to buy and play Secrets Can Kill Remastered. But I can’t wait until I can, and relive a part of my childhood in HD.

I remember playing the others. Just by looking at the covers, I remember some of the game play. I spent so much time pouring over these. I wrote sheet after sheet of notes (keeping notes while playing does help you). These games took up a large part of my life.

#2 Stay Tuned for Danger – set in a TV studio where strange things keep happening. There’s a cranky lady who isn’t very nice, and a secret passage behind a clothing rack.

#3 Message in a Haunted Mansion – You almost get hit with scaffolding, and the railing has a raven that’s missing it’s eyes.

#4 Treasure in the Royal Tower  – I always got lost playing this one. The place was huge. And there was a lady that never came out of her room.

#5 The Final Scene  – With a bunch of spooky movie posters in a theater, where I could never figure anything out.

I don’t think my dad and I played these ones together. The earlier ones, I tended to play on my own. But we did play some later ones together, like the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and The Haunting of Castle Malloy (This one was the hardest, and my dad actually bought the strategy guide for it). These games helped shape my love of mystery, and part of who I am.

I even have a Hardy Boys game! But we can’t get it work…

To this day – hence why I’m writing this – my dad and I still sit down all day and play a game together. We just finished Secret of Shadow Ranch and now we’re playing The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. All on Junior Detective, of course, we’re not good enough for Senior just yet. It’s great, getting to put our heads together and solve some puzzles! – Even my mom gets into it sometimes!

I forgot how much I enjoyed the games! They’re so much fun. We’re playing ones I’ve never have before, so it’s all new! It’s the Ultimate Dare pack with games #10-#13. I’m really looking forward to playing The Secret of the Old Clock – it’s based off of the very first Nancy Drew novel! While The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon has a character, Tino Balducci, you connect with again in White Wolf!

If you’ve never played a Nancy Drew game, I highly recommend it! They’re cool, fun, and get your brain working! You don’t have to read the books before hand to understand the games. And you don’t have to play the games in order!

Even though my dad and I don’t have ‘normal’ bonding methods. Nancy Drew never ceases to bring us together.


What do you do for parental bonding? Have you ever played or read Nancy Drew?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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7 thoughts on “Bonding with Nancy Drew

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    Mystery games are so nostalgic for me now 😂 my dad used to get the murder mystery games where you would search for clues on the computer and my sister and I spent days glued to them 😂 my favourite Nancy drew pc game is Danger by design. The games definetly do bring family together. Great post! 😄💗

    Liked by 1 person

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