10 Things to Do on a Sick Day


I’d planned for a different post today. I’d planned for the last week to go differently, post wise. I meant to post a video Friday, and I’d wanted to do one today. But I’ve been getting caught up since Warped, plus – I caught a cold. Thomas had it first, and then he gave it to me. Probably my own fault, but it’s not the first time we’ve gotten each other sick.

I know it certainly won’t be the last.

So I’ve been a little run down, and I haven’t really felt like doing anything. I have been semi-productive though. I’ve been doing research about blogging, trying to figure out a way to make my stuff better – I’ve read so much I think I might pop from info! (Also, I’ve been looking into a side project.)

I’ve been stressing over my dwindling stats the last two weeks. I know, I have to do more advertising. But also, as I’ve discovered, I’ve essentially gotten to the max of what I can do with a free blog. If I want any more growth, I have to get a site host. Which I’m a little strapped for cash for, right now.

If you want, you can Buy Me a Coffee and help me keep providing you guys with quality posts! It doesn’t cost much, it’s $3 a coffee. As I said in my YouTube video, I love what I do and I want to keep writing for you guys. Anything to help is appreciated!

Anyway, shameless plug over –


So being sick the last few days, I’ve had to keep myself occupied. And I haven’t exactly been sitting around reading Chicken Soup for the Soul (are those things even around anymore?). As an only child, I’m used to finding ways to entertain myself. But when you have a sore throat and a killer migraine, you don’t really want to do anything.

But to get you off (or on, depending) your butt, here’s ten things to do on a sick day!



  1. Play Video Games


I know, every millennial has this one on the top of their Sick Day To-Dos. But I think it’s a perfect time to space out, and play that new game you’re hooked on (which, for me, is Moon Hunters on Xbox One, it’s amazing!). Or to play that game you bought, yet haven’t gotten around to play, but you really want to. Or even to play that free game that they were offering, and you only downloaded it because it was free. Sometimes, it’s nice to space, but still have a little input.


  1. Play with the Dog

We’ve had Molly a month, and she’s finally calmed down to a tolerable state. She’s not a mindless, biting, jumping energy machine anymore. – At least not as bad, we trained her some. She’s probably destroyed $50 worth of toys, but…She’s still fun to play with, to a certain extent. It’s still kind of weird for me, having a dog I didn’t grow up with. We had our last dog, Jetta, since I was five, she’d been there for a majority of my life. I miss her, and our other dog, Harley. My parents bought him when my mom was pregnant with me. So we were best buds. Having a new puppy now that I’m older is strange. But I still love Molly, as much as a pain as she can be.


  1. Research

I spent a lot of time doing this, as I said above. I spent a lot of time finding articles on Pinterest, and around the web. I’m trying to make better content, and also find a way to make some money from this by the time I graduate in the spring. That’s an important thing to me in a ‘I’m deciding what I want from my future” kind of way. Being able to provide you guys with a good experience is also important. So I’m trying to figure out how to do the best with that I can.


  1. Read a Book

Reading is always a good time killer. It gives you an escape and let’s you forget you have a cold – until you come up for a cough on page 41. Finally read that book you’ve been meaning to get to. Or finish the one you’ve started, and are dying to find out the ending of. Sometimes, you have to make time for a mental break.


  1. Write Something

Writing can come in any form. Whether you’re drafting a book, or jotting down a blog post. Even with some medicine induce brain fog, a sick day is as good of free time as any to write. You can always go back and edit it when you’re not drugged and sleep deprived. How bad could it be, right?


  1. Brainstorm

During your delirious state, you never know what you might conjure up. Even if you’re groggy, they say it’s better to write that way. I do 90% of my posts at night, when I’m groggy, even though I’m more of a night owl than an early bird. But brainstorming is a good way to use up some of that free time, and get productive!


  1. Binge Watch

I’m pretty sure almost everyone has this at the top of their list.- Sick day or not. Binge watching is a good way to distract yourself from the river of snot leaking out of your face. Or how much pain your stomach is in. Or – anything, really. It can even be mindless background noise for a nap! (Might I suggest giving Shameless a watch?)


  1. Have Some Tea

Okay, so you can do this with anyone of these. But I mean, set aside actual tea time. Make a cuppa, sit by a window, and enjoy the view. Whether rain or shine, or somewhere in between. Not one day, or week, or year, or season is like another. And this summer has been especially lovely.


  1. Edit Some Photos

Whether stock or photos you’ve taken, this is a good, non-committal sick day activity. You can hone your skills, while getting some work done as well! Or you can try out something new and funky, that maybe nobody but you will see. It also gives you time to play with that new program you haven’t had time for.


  1. Watch Some Old Favourites

Nothing is more soothing than putting on an old favourite. Maybe taking nap during it. I’d watched Howl’s Moving Castle a thousand times in a row, if I could! Sometimes, you just need to curl up with a blanket and your favourite movie to help you get over something.

Now, I’m going to do what should be number 11 – go take a nap. I need a little recoop, I haven’t had a real cold in ages, so this is kicking my butt. Maybe I’ll be more than a couch potato today (not very likely)…


What do you do on sick days?

Was also wondering if anyone would be interested in guest posting, if I opened them up?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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5 thoughts on “10 Things to Do on a Sick Day

  1. Patty Thurlby says:

    If I am stuck in bed, I go through my notebook that says “NOW” where I stash any scrap of paper that has something that inspires me. Lordy, all the prettiness is so inspiring and I get an immediate plan of what I want to make when I feel better. Said a prayer for you : )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jan says:

    Reading is at the top of my list. And if I think I’m going to be sick awhile, I’ll binge read. Start at the beginning of a series of books and read right through. I did that with the Poldark series the last time I had the flu many years ago.
    Glad you’re feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

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